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A sustainable and inclusive future for the Borderlands


The Borderlands Partnership exists to unlock the potential for sustainable and inclusive economic growth across the South of Scotland and North of England - your Borderlands.

How your Borderlands is making a difference for you

Whether you live here, work here or are planning to visit, the Borderlands region is a unique area equally steeped in heritage and ambition.

The potential to grow and capitalise on numerous unique assets is already empowering the Borderlands area to leverage opportunities to underpin existing industries, whilst prioritising emerging growth sectors.

We have a shared ambition for the Borderlands to reach its potential for everyone, delivering green growth and attracting new businesses and investment. We will improve our connectivity, deliver skills and innovation, and improve our places to support their longer-term resilience. We will attract new residents and welcome more visitors to enjoy the beautiful natural environment of our vibrant, inclusive region. 

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A wide variety of projects and programmes across your Borderlands region are underpinning progress, connectivity and opportunities.

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Find out more about how the Deal is improving the places where you live and work 

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Find out how the Deal is supporting our local businesses to grow and succeed

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Explore how the Deal is enhancing and developing unique landscapes and world class attractions

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Discover who we work with and how you can stay informed about successes and opportunities

Our innovative projects are underpinning the growth and success of our Borderlands region 

See some project highlights below or discover all projects here >

Carlisle Station Gateway

As part of the Borderlands Inclusive Growth Deal, £20million of funding has been allocated for the Carlisle Station Gateway project.

Strengthening Carlisle’s position in the national rail network, this investment will improve connectivity to, from and within the Borderlands region.

Artist impression of the Carlise Station gateway

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