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The Borderlands Partnership has been established to unlock the potential for sustainable and inclusive economic growth across the South of Scotland and North of England.

The Borderlands Inclusive Growth Deal was formally signed on the18th March 2021, bringing in up to £452million of fresh investment to the Borderlands area. Ministers of the UK and Scottish Governments and representatives of the five councils of the Borderlands Partnership signed the Deal at a virtual ceremony.

The Deal is truly distinctive, covering the largest geographical area of any regional growth Deal negotiated with the UK and Scottish Governments and it is the first cross-border deal.

Read the full Deal Document

Our programme of investment will deliver significant economic benefit for our communities and businesses. Over the programme lifetime and a further 10 years to capture the benefits, we estimate that the Borderlands Inclusive Growth Deal will:

  • Benefit 1.1 million residents
  • Deliver an additional 5,500 job opportunities
  • Attract more than four million extra tourists to the area
  • Improve mobile and digital connections
  • Unlock investment in towns across the area
  • Generate around £1.1bn in GVA to the UK economy

The Deal will also tackle the 3 principle socio-economic challenges of our region

  • Narrowing the productivity gap
  • Increasing the working age population
  • Delivering inclusive growth, by addressing digital exclusion; the earnings gap and access to quality jobs and access to education
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