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Two hot air balloons in the sky flying over some hills in NW England.

The Borderlands Inclusive Growth Deal is a platform for growth, allowing people and places to prosper with an increasingly skilled workforce and well connected infrastructure

A decade of economic and social benefits

How will we know we have achieved our putcomes and impacts infographic

The Deal will also tackle the three principle socio-economic challenges of our region to deliver inclusive growth 

What are we trying to do infographic

We are not just regenerating an area, we are embedding skills and infrastructure to underpin inclusive and sustainable growth now, and in the future.

View looking to the Eildon Hills in the Scottish Borders Scotland

About the deal


The Borderlands Partnership is working together to deliver transformative change across the region to maximise the benefits of inclusive growth.

A river at night with buildings on one side with lots of street lights. A bridge is far away and close up is a steep drop for the river.

Governance and our Partnership Board


Find out more about decision making and the delivery of the Borderlands Inclusive Growth Deal, governed by our Partnership Board. 

Strategic themes

Four investment themes underpin the Borderlands Inclusive Growth Deal. Explore each in more detail by clicking the links below.

Enabling infrastructure icon

Enabling infrastructure

We are investing in the infrastructure needed to support improvements in connectivity and helping people to access the region.

Improving places icon

Improving places

We are revitalising places across the Borderlands region by investing in improvements to attract people to live, work and visit.

 Supporting business innovation and skills icon

Supporting business, innovation and skills

We are stimulating business growth to create a more diverse regional economy, and recognise that innovation and skills are central to success.

Encouraging green growth icon

Encouraging green growth

We are capitalising on our green credentials, decarbonisation and high value job creation to support low carbon energy generation and decarbonisation.

Whitehaven port at night



Download agendas, meeting minutes, newsletters, strategy documents and reports.

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