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The Alnwick Garden - Grand Cascade

Lilidorei at
The Alnwick Garden

Spectacular all-year round play opportunities

Lilidorei will be a spectacular, all-year, all-weather play facility for people of all ages and abilities, located within the grounds of the successful Alnwick Garden visitor destination, and adjacent to Alnwick Castle.


Project title: Lilidorei at The Alnwick Garden

Location: Alnwick, Northumberland

Theme: Improving places 

Project lead: The Alnwick Garden Trust 

Total project value: £15.45 million

Funded by: UK Government

Status: Due to open in Spring 2023
Artist impression of Lilidorei play structure at Alnwick Garden
One of the world's largest play structures

Creating one of the world’s largest play structures, Lilidorei will raise the profile of the area in national and international visitor markets, converting Alnwick and North Northumberland from a day trip to a multi-day destination. This will help to attract more visitors year-round, and help to reduce the productivity gap.


Set around three towers aligned to a mythical theme conceived as part of an Elf Kingdom, visitors will be able to explore adventure pathways, catwalks and tunnel slides, as well as a range of roofed and elevated structures.

Imaginative, complex and dynamic fun

This unique play structure will be complemented by a settlement of 30 small, earthy wooded houses located in a clearing. This village will complement the existing treehouse and forest environment at The Garden, and will have its own backstory, mythology and characters that will form the basis of a range of imagination-prompting activities.

This incredible play area will be imaginative, complex and dynamic. It will challenge children and adults alike, inspiring them as they explore and have fun.

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