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Whitehaven at Night

Encouraging green growth with the Borderlands Energy Masterplan

Working together to benefit people and places
We are committed to developing an energy investment programme with a clear vision towards a low carbon future, ensuring economic opportunities are realised for residents and businesses across the Borderlands.


Project title: Borderlands Energy Masterplan
Location: Borderlands wide
Theme: Encouraging green growth
Project lead: Northumberland County Council 
Total project value: £1.1 million
Funded by: £1.1 million Borderlands Inclusive Growth Deal (from UK Government)
  • Masterplan developed during 2021 and 2022

  • The Masterplan has been approved by the Borderlands Partnership Board and published on this site

  • Energy Investment Programme based on the Masterplan evidence will be delivered from Dec 2023 onwards

Whitehaven at Night
Realising low carbon economic opportunities 

The Borderlands Inclusive Growth Deal includes a commitment to develop an energy investment programme with a vision to increase access to low carbon, low cost energy by ensuring resilient low carbon economic opportunities are delivered, bringing high value jobs, skills and prosperity across the Borderlands.


The Borderlands Energy Programme is being taken forward in two stages:

Stage 1: The Borderlands Energy Masterplan

£1.1m was awarded to undertake this first stage with the five local authorities working together to identify projects where there is potential to benefit from economies of scale and knowledge transfer.


The Masterplan has been approved by the Borderlands Partnership Board and the Executive Summary can be downloaded here or from our Documents page.


Stage 2: Investment Programme

We are using the evidence base provided by the Masterplan to develop the Investment Programme and identify where to focus Borderlands Inclusive Growth Deal funding to maximise the impact across our region.


The development process has recently started and we will provide updates in future Deal newsletters.  You can subscribe to our newsletter here

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